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Omuo-Ekiti fire: Fayemi’s aide sympathise over loss of property


The Senior Special Assistant on Media (Party Matters) to Governor Fayemi, Elder Sam Oluwalana has expressed sympathy with the people of Ijero Quarters, Omuo-Ekiti over an inferno that ravaged the area on Wednesday.

The fire destroyed farms and other properties estimated at over N400million Naira. The incident has rendered several people homeless, following the destruction of their means of livelihood and survival, such as houses, economic trees like oil palm, kola nut, cocoa, cashew and palm fronds.

The fire started at the Omimimu area which houses farms and private residents and spread to Omuo/Ikare /Abuja expressway, an area spanning about 15 Kilometers expanse of land.
Elder Oluwalana himself almost lost his father’s house to the inferno, but for the quick intervention of the youths and other residents in the area who defied the dangerous situation to put the fire under control.

The massive spread of the inferno was aided by the windy and hazy harmattan currently being experienced in the community. When it was obvious that men of the fire service that were invited to the scene were helpless, as they could not control the spread of the inferno, Youths and Residents had to mobilize themselves to battle the inferno with crude implements and tools.

In his words, Elder Oluwalana, who is also the Director of Media and Publicity of APC in Ekiti said; “We thank God Al mighty that the fire that gutted the area did not claim any life. “However, I have to emphasize with the people of my birth- place that lost valuables worth several millions of Naira to the fire incident.

“I pray against any recurrence of the incident, which has never happened in the community before”.

Continuing; Elder Oluwalana warned against indiscriminate bush burning by the people during this harmattan period.

“The harmattan is dry and windy and it aids fire to travel fast and destroy objects. Our people should desist from the practice of setting fire on bushes indiscriminately.
“What is the benefit of bush meats compared to the loss of lives and property?” He asked rhetorically.