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Prophet Chris: The Legacy (of TB Joshua) lives on

Pastor TB Joshua

Good Morning and Win Today! Let us pray. As we are about to receive this message, I pray the Word of God we hear penetrates deep into our hearts because it brings life, deliverance, healing and salvation – in Jesus’ name!

We are here to celebrate the life and legacy of God’s servant, God’s own, God’s Prophet – TB Joshua. The word ‘prophet’ is not to be used lightly because a prophet is someone who God Himself put His Word into their mouth, who is inspired to utter the deep things of God, who knows the opinion of God. We are used to pastors and evangelists but we are not used to prophets.

Throughout human history, God has raised unlikely people for special assignments at certain moments. From Genesis to Revelation, we read about the likes of Moses – the son of a Hebrew slave who led his people out of bondage, David – a rustic shepherd boy who became his nation’s greatest King, Peter – a simple fisherman who became the rock on which Jesus built his church. They were ordinary men used by God for extraordinary purposes, who made a lasting difference in their worlds. They had a unique calling of God in their lives which was accompanied by unique results and attracted unique persecution. Although they are no longer physically alive on this earth, their heroic examples of faith continue to inspire the Church throughout history; their legacy lives on and on and on for generations yet unborn. Indeed, the true impact of their ministries was only felt after their departure from this world.

Our generation has been privileged to witness a true Prophet of the Most High God! Today, we live in a generation without faith and hope, a generation where the fire in the church seems to have been quenched. For such a generation as this, at such a time as this – God raised an unlikely man from a humble home in Arigidi-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria by the name of Temitope Balogun Joshua. He was given to us from above for a short season to rekindle the flame of practical Christianity worldwide and now his divine assignment has been completed. The question before us today is this – how do we keep that flame burning? What lessons can we learn from the life of such a great man who has left a living legacy?

This will lead us to the title of today’s message – THE LEGACY LIVES ON

Proof Text – Matthew 6:6 – “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

“The Holy Spirit is more interested in what we do secretly, privately because the One you serve in secret will stand to reward you in the open.”

The whole world has witnessed Prophet TB Joshua in front of this altar – minister God’s Word, demonstrate God’s power, show God’s love, prophesy God’s opinion. The secret of Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry in front of this altar is his lifestyle behind the altar! The remarkable results we all see on Emmanuel TV – effortless healing, instant deliverance, accurate prophecy, profound teaching, spontaneous miracles – is just an overflow of his relationship with God. In a generation so full of fake things, Prophet TB Joshua is the real deal!

• A man so passionate for the cause of Christ
• A man so committed to God’s projects
• A man so conscious of God’s presence
• A man so invested in building lives, not building structures
• A man who cherished processing more than result
• A man who valued character more than gift
• A man who dishonoured himself to honour Jesus
• A man whose every breath was spent in the service of God’s kingdom – to the very end.

That was the secret of his strength – his intimacy with God. The strength of this ministry is not the crowd; the strength of this ministry is not the miracles; the strength of this ministry is the Holy Spirit. That is what enabled him to endure tests and trials no man could ordinarily endure; that is why he never gave up! We all know how his God given vision was misunderstood, laughed at, questioned, attacked and thought to be too high for a person like him – but no persecution could break his focus and no rejection could stop his progress! Rather, they became a tonic for his anointing and a free advert of the extraordinary grace operating in his life!

• He did not see any fight as a personal challenge but one against his God.
• He left every battle for God and let his future answer the questions.
• He gave himself to prayer and refused to be offended.
• He was accessible but untouchable – tested by the fire of life and proven by the test of time! His consistency testified to his authenticity!

They couldn’t understand him, so they called him names. They couldn’t comprehend him, so they condemned him – but today the same people who condemned him are now copying him.

• His name is not advertised on any signboard yet written in the hearts of millions worldwide!
• He didn’t complete secondary school yet university professors stand in awe of his teaching.
• His church doesn’t have branches yet broadcasts the most viewed Christian television channel around the world!
• In fact, he is the biggest brand ambassador of Nigeria to the world:
o A man who can fill international stadiums yet never went there to collect offerings.
o A man who attracts Presidents of nations yet ministers to the poor with equal attention.
o A man who singlehandedly drew 60% of all foreign visitors to the nation of Nigeria and put Ikotun-Egbe on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria on the world map.

And we declare to you today on this holy altar in the presence of Almighty God – this journey has not come to an end! The legacy lives on! The legacy is alive! Prophet TB Joshua has left a LIVING legacy for this LIVING ministry founded on the LIVING Word of God! And as Romans 8:39 says – nothing can separate us from the love of God!

Viewers all over world, if you have been inspired by his ministry, don’t just shed tears or pay tributes – let his legacy live on in you – in your behaviour, in your attitude, in your approach to life. Let his legacy live on in you by emulating his lifestyle – by following his counsel:
• To leave your battle for God
• To see your situation as a reason to draw closer to God
• To let go of offence, bitterness and bad feelings towards others
• To take care of your heart
• To meditate on God’s Word
• To love God above all
• To follow the path of faith and humility
• To preach salvation, not condemnation
• To let love lead, irrespective of race or religion – love that has hands to help without expectation, that has feet to move to the needy, that has eyes to see misery and want, that has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.
• To watch and pray – as he counselled us to the very end.

Remember, what you leave behind on your last day is more important than what you claim to achieve in this world. Our work should not end when we pass onto glory. Our work should not end when we end the journey. What are you doing that will not end when your journey ends?

The greatest tribute we can give Prophet TB Joshua is to continue the work of salvation – to see it reach unreachable places. The task is enormous, but with persevering faith and the love of God in our hearts, the world is under our feet, the sky is our limit and the best is yet to come!

Prophet Chris delivered this sermon at the funeral of Pastor TB Joshua