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Refurbished systems can offer more value for money


The term ‘refurbished’ often has a negative connotation but one needs to discover the benefits of refurbished products before making a final decision. To make a smart buying decision one needs to understand what refurbished products really are, where they come from, how to buy them, and why refurbished is sometimes the best choice.
Buying a refurbished system will provide a far better specification for the same price than buying a new one. However, when purchasing a pre-owned computer or laptop, one must ensure that it is a Certified Refurbished System (CRS).
Refurbishment helps curb electronic waste by lengthening the lifecycle of electronic equipment. More importantly, by purchasing a refurbished system, one automatically contributes to society and creates a better future for generations to come by going green.
CRS managing director Alvin Peacock says after 14 years of innovation and development, the company has refined its refurbishment process which is ISO certified and approved. “Our mission is to provide affordable computing to all by cutting costs and without compromising quality.”
“If your IT budget is lean, then refurbished products offer high-quality, warrantied product at a low cost. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind when you buy refurbished products. Ensure your product was refurbished and certified by a trusted and certified refurbishing company that offers adequate warranties and return policies,” he adds.
The first step of the refurbishing process is the external cosmetic check of the device and the eradication of data. During the Applicable Component Exchange process, the damaged hardware parts are replaced with brand new or functioning refurbished parts. Then finally, the device is carefully and thoroughly cleaned and a new authorised operation system is installed.
Peacock says refurbishing is not merely the cleaning and the general checking of devices, but also the upgrading of the hardware and the updating of the operation system. “We offer Grade-A products, all our products are put through a quality control process that is certified by ISO 14001:2004. We also offer a 12 – 24 month warranty.”
“Integrity test are run on each critical component to ensure the highest standard and functionality. Our stamp of assurance is our promise to deliver quality, value for money and integrity in every product sold,” he adds.
Products that are refurbished need to be restored to their original condition and performance. Each unit must be fully tested and any broken or defective parts identified in testing, must be replaced and tested again. Engineers also need to validate the Operating System and firmware, and re-image PCs to the latest factory updates when re-imaging a refurbished system.
“We always take care for even the smallest detail during the testing phase including display, sound, keyboard and mouse operation checks. Upon a successful final test, the item is safely packed with strict care and attention, and then dispatched to the customer,” Peacock concludes.