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Short story: Drishti – the way love became hatred


By Moyosore Ogunbunmi

‘Drishti! Drishti!! Wake up and come downstairs’

‘OK, ma. I’m coming. Let me take my bath.’

After a few minutes, Drishti came out of the bathroom.
‘Ma, I’m done bathing, ” she shouted.” I am dressing up.”

Six minutes later, she came downstairs. Her mother had made yummy dishes such as stew, flat bread, paratas and many sweets.

She joined her mother and her father at the dining table and they all ate till they were full. After that, Drishti’s mother told her that she should get married to a nice man.

Drishti said that she will not get married yet, but her mother begged her that she should get married. But she didn’t listen and went to her room. She locked the door and she started thinking about what her mother told her.

Finally she opened her door, came out of her room and told her mother she was ready to get married to a nice man and asked her mother to look for one. The mother promised to find a nice man for her daughter and she set out to do so.

After a while, her mother found a nice man for her daughter. His name was Karan Sandra. For her engagement, Drishti’s mother took her to a spa where they painted her nails, put cucumbers on her eyes and did other things.

When she got home, she dressed and went to the engagement hall where Drishti and Karan exchanged rings and did other things to celebrate their union.

When it was over, she returned home, went to her room, locked the door and started crying. She cried for 1 hour 33 minutes. After 3 hours, her parents came back home they shouted:

“Drishti, Drishti, Drishti!!! Come downstairs NOW.”

When she got downstairs, her mother hugged her and told Drishti that she was proud of her. In the night, Drishti went to her room, jumped on the bed and tried to sleep. However, she could not sleep because she was thinking of the engagement and what it meant for her future. After one hour, she slept.

The next morning, Drishti woke up early. She took her bath and wore a beautiful red and pink sari. She then went to wake her mum up. She was ready.

Three hours later, Drishti went to the wedding altar to discover that the groom and his family had arrived. Then they started the wedding. The bride and groom sat down together and then went round the fire seven times.

Karan placed the wedding necklace around her neck and he also applied vermilion on her forehead. After that, they were married and she went home, packed her clothes and everything that belonged to her. She then went to her in-laws’ house.

When she got there, she arranged her things in her room, she jumped on the bed and slept. Then her husband came, jumped on the bed and slept.

The next morning, she woke up, took her bath and donned a blue sari then went to the kitchen and prepared stew, tea, bread, flat bread, paratas and cheese. She then woke everyone up. They took their bath then ate all the food without giving Drishti any food to eat. It became obvious this was not a good family and they treated Drishti like a maid.

Chapter 2
One day, as Drishti was getting ready to go to work, Karan told her to stay at home and stopped working. He even locked her in the dark room. In the night, Karan opened the door for Drishti to come outside of the room. She did her chores, went back into her room, jumped on the bed and slept. Karan also went to the room, jumped on the bed and slept.

Eight hours later, Drishti woke up early. She took her bath, wore a yellow sari and made soup, bread, flat bread, paratas and cheese for the family. She woke everyone up and went to work. At work, she cleaned her dirty office and attended to the costumers.

Meanwhile at home, when Karan woke up he screamed Drishti’s name three times but got no response. He went downstairs and asked if anyone had seen Drishti, but they said that they had no idea of where she went. Angrily, he went to her office and slapped her. He created a nasty scene and dragged her home.

She cried and begged that he was hurting her, but he didn’t listen to her. When he got home, he took her to his room, picked up a belt and he started to beat her. She screamed for help, but no one answered because they were sleeping. So, when he was done beating her he went to the guest room and slept. Then Drishti also slept.

Next morning, Drishti woke up early as usual. She took her bath, wore a purple sari and then cooked stew, flatbread and paratas for her in laws. Then she went to her parents house and stayed there. She lived in her parents house for four years.

Then one night, Karan came to her house and he took her to his house and dropped her on his room’s floor and he slept on the bed. Next morning, Drishti woke up early and she found out that she was in Karan’s house. She took her bath, wore a green sari and went downstairs. She cooked stew, tea, bread, flat bread, paratas and cheese, then went to her friend’s house and she stayed there.

When Karan woke up and found out that she was not in his room, he went downstairs and saw that there was food on the dining table. He sat down and ate all the food without giving his family any thing to eat because he was angry. His family then became angry and cooked their own food and ate it without giving Karan any out of it.

Chapter 3
One day, a girl named Shabna came to the Sandras mansion. Wen Karan saw her, he fell in love with her. Then Drishti came back and saw  Karan staring at her niece Shabna. So, she shouted at Karan in  anger and then she dragged Shabna into a guest room and slammed the door on her.

“Why did you come here,” she asked? “I said you should come to my friend’s house. So, why did you come here. Tell me before I hit you. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am pregnant with Karan’s baby for seveb months now and I have not told him about it yet.”

Karan, who was eavesdropping, overheard Drishti and Shabna talking about the pregnancy. So, he toom Drishti to the hospital and made the surgeon’s make her put to bed.

When the baby was safely delivered, he pretended he was taking her home. He put her in his car and drove her to the mountain, brought her out of the car and pushed her down the cliff. Still in rage, he then burnt Drishti’s dead body. Then he went home with the child.

His secret was leaked however and he was arrested along with the rest of his family and they were sent to jail. The baby was put up for adoption and waz named Aishat. Unfortunately when Aishat grew up, she became a goon and was wicked

The end of the way, as love became hatred

My name is Moyosore Ogunbunmi.  I am eight years old. I was inspired by seeing other kids on TV. This was written on September 15th 2020 and finished on 3rd of May

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