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Tai Olaniyi: Father’s Day – for whom at this time?


By Tai Olaniyi

The beauty of whatever may be referred to as a “Father” has both spiritual and temporal connotations based on personal impressions and expressions.

On Mother Earth, about this earthly world that we each have our stake, the one and only “Father” is God, the Creator.

God, the Father, should be the one that each day we breath the breath of life, the sane and rational human being, be religious and/ or irreligious must revere as the Almighty God, Almighty Allah, the Supreme Being, and my one and only “Olodumare”, Oba arinu rode, olumoran okan.

Outside this, in my Offa and typical Yoruba tradition, one’s earthly father according to my Offa “ponbele,” undiluted Yoruba custom, is, a
” Mirror of Self” after whom my name resonates, partly the judgment of what family I belong to and after whom the relay race of generational ethical values come into play.

With the daily reverberation of agelong admonition by my father, Chief Jacob Olaniyi of blessed memory, the first Baba Ijo of St Marks Anglican Church, Offa, one shall never forget the implantation of living an ideal, incorruptible, and godly life in his exhortations as encapsulated in principally the following:
(1) remember the son of whom you are- hence, “, Son of Man”.
(2) be contented in your life experiences of what you have, what you don’t have, who you are and who you are not, and let no inordinate ambitions sway you from the path of righteousness.
(3) be godly and humane in your relationship with fellow human beings no matter who and what they are on this Mother Earth.
(4) be who and whatever you want to be, because, ” Alagemo ti bimo o-fi owo re lejo, aimojo ku sowo re”.

Son of Man as a father to his children including those who see one as a father, you and all of us fathers in gender apartheid perspectives, it becomes incumbent on one and us all to ruminate on how sincere one deserves to be respected as a father this Father’s Day being celebrated worldwide.

Are we truly a father in the real sense of it when religious, political, and economic despondencies daily make a mess of who and what we should mean to those who deserve our fatherly obligations?

Are we truly a father from whom our wives, children, relations, and friends would like to dig in dance as, “Baba, Baba, Baba Ku ise, Baba Ku ise oo”?

A lovely father who prides in building home against mere luxurious houses as such, deserves honor and respect?

Aside from preserving this Father’s Day to only you and me individually and collectively, on communal, community, and at national levels, how wise and humanistic today are our royal, traditional, political and religious fathers?
What can we say of the father of the nation and to what extent the future of our children at adapting and adopting old generational ethical values anchored on unity in diversity? Think about it.

Are we as a father(s)to all and in whatever degrees through our lifestyle, attitudes, ethical values, ways acceptable to God as we profess in our religious dispositions creating an atmosphere of peace, unity, and faith?

Are we less or much engendered in the actions and/or inactions that daily breed infiltration, invigoration, and penchant for syndromes of disintegration, restructuring, self-determination, secession, and skirmishes of another war in Nigeria?

Note, ” United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.
As we all join other fathers to mark this year Father’s Day, as our womenfolk and children assuage and/ or bribe us with wishes spiced or not with gifts, let us all remember to live according to the dictates of our one and only Father who art in heaven and in whose kingdom we hope to germinate either here now or the hereafter.

God Bless the fathers and all members of the same and only humanity.

Best wishes for Peace Profound.