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Tai Olaniyi: From politicians: to what else?


By Tai Olaniyi

With everything there is always a beginning for which there is an ultimate end. That is how God has done it and nature proclaims it.

Politicians all over the world begin being who, what and how they are in politics with an ambition,  a motive or motives and finally how they end their lives in times and tides associated with their fates,  fortunes or even misfortunes in politics.

Politicians ordinarily are and should be well respected in the society,  gentlemen and women,  full of intellect,  gumption and power of the spoken words for they always have to address and redress audiences in time and space.

In whatever positions they find themselves, politicians must have in mind the admixture  of their ambitions,  aspirations with those of public yearnings and aspirations,  their welfare, pains and sufferings.
Because if they don’t,  time is never on their side as well as those they promise to serve,  rule, rule well for if on the other hand they don’t,  then it becomes “Vox de Populi,  Vox de Deus” ,  “Voice of the People, Voice of God.”

What then are Nigerians thinking,  saying and perceiving as thoughts,  words and actions from you, our politicians?
With realities  all around,  debris on ground, and primitivities associated with how humans become degenerate and revolve back to “apes obey” rather than evolve towards making Nigeria a cultured and an enlightened society, what else are the Nigerian politicians going to be from “something else” they are presently and currently are?.

Politicians,  what else are you aspiring to be after this your tenure, game plays and ludos with which the lives of Nigerians are daily subjected to?
Why bother about 2023 when the current tenure is more of pretenses and pains to innumerable Nigerians whereas in logic and political logistics all your concern are a transport into luxury,  vehicular movement into higher and juicy positions while fellow Nigerians groan and are encumbered in miseries and woes?

After achieving all these your ambitions, after spoiling politics from being sane venture and governance for public good to being thriving enterprise derivable from innumerable padding,  over bloated salaries and percusites anchored on ill-gotten wealth most times,  what else exists for you after all these overtime and over space?

Now that open heaven is making heatwaves our portion courtesy climate change world over , now that we seem all burning alive , now that our evil actions seem more brought forward than being dumped on Good Friday at the Cross of Calvary , now that non can be and will be insulated from being responsible for thoughts held, words spoken and deeds done by and to all and sundry,  what else provides immunity for you politicians after your being something else now and the future?

Both politicians,  fellow game players,  spectators and leaders of the faithful what else can we become if like late K. O  Mbadiwe Ambassador Plenipotentiary ,”the become becomes “or the unbecoming becomes in your lives and mine as well?

What account can we give to Almighty  on the day of judgement when the Senior Advocates of Nigeria,  the time changing judges and fortune changers like ordinary persons will have their consciences, “The Eye of God, in the Heart of Man” as the only defender of our something else and what else where the Supreme Being  simply judges in just.

Politicians and your what else, remember that,  “The present generation of Nigerians and even the upcoming ones have no other place to call their home.  Nigeria belongs to all and we must all remain here to salvage it together”. Just my story,  this is my song.  Think About It.

My prayer as enshrined in  the Nigerian Rosicrucian song,  “God Bless Nigeria,  land that we love, and protect her and guide her….” even in this stormy water we are swimming.