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Tai Olaniyi: Individualism, Patriotism, Nationalism and Imperialism


By Tai Olaniyi

The breath of life into man’s nostrils at birth provides the first basic means of individuality of a person.

The efforts being made later to ensure the sustenance of self amidst others and amongst other selves calls for the differentiation of one,s individuality.

On the basis of this individuality one may grow from self centeredness, selflessness to selfishness. In an ideal society, the selfless individual is taken as an individual full of virtues but if selfish, then a person full of vices.

When individualism possesses one to the degree of selfishness, one hardly is found contributing to the progress of general all, but always gluttonous only about advantages that would accrue to him or her alone.

A selfless individual always strive for benefits to him or her and to others alike. Such a person cultivates a communal outlook in thoughts, words and actions. Such an individual is renown for always giving to society, the community and even the nation of his or her birth thus becoming a patriot seeking, searching and serving with all sense of commitment to making vibrant a nation no matter how moribund.

With a patriot, the yearning keeps growing in quality and quantum from noble individualism, patriotism to seeing his nation as best in all respects and purposes. He is not only a nationalist but an adherent of nationalism.

The fervor of always wanting to give keeps getting him entwined in getting and cultivating in thoughts of always giving. A conglomerate of patriots makes a nation so great to such an extent that individual, group and national aura of progress so permeate others around to such an extent their influences become so imperial and empire like building.

Imperialistic tendencies of the American nation is a religion of average national and patriotic individuals of American empire.
American influence counts most to almost all Americans as are inducted and indoctrinated in thinking, speaking and acting what they can give to America because in such giving, bumpy harvests accrue as return on investment.

They give their best and surrender their lives to American spirit which now swings up and down the entire world. America gives its best to Americans and Americanism is a preferred phenomenon or concept to individualism.

Hmmm what imperial image does Nigeria as a nation project to other nations, what clarion calls of patriotism do individual Nigerians admit as so patriotic a call worth dieing for.?
Selfishness is much our lot as individual Nigerians while selflessness never a goal for those who drum our ears in clarion calls.

Who will salvage Nigeria from socio-political morass and spiritual-economic brigandage? Think, Nigerians Think as corruption pervades, politics pollutes, personalities in power pauperised the populace and all in all, Nigerians get into fever of individual chauvinism.
God Bless Nigeria.