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Tai Olaniyi: On stinginess and openness in scale of measurement


By Tai Olaniyi

Yorubas are apt when they refer to the oddity in stinginess as they claim, “Ara ile Ahun ko gbadun Ahun, Ahun gan na ko gbadun ara re”.
A stingy person is neither valuable to his family and also never to himself or herself.

This submission Ebenezer Obey reinforced by singing that , ” Eda to lowo lowo ti ko le naa ao ma wo ara ti Ahun o fowo da, A wi tan o so aye di awa lo”.
Obey was critical of the rich but stingy fellow who partakes in unending accumulation thinking with all his affluence and his stinginess, end on mother earth would never come to pass.

There is no doubt the joy in giving, being open handed against being stingy and tight fisted.
This life we are living, air we breath and space we gallivant and germinate in are given to us free of charge by the Creator of every living being, everywhere.

In our stinginess man daily appropriates and/ or misappropriates to the peril of other fellow human beings while for several many, gluttony and penchant to always take, sort of, graduate to what Peter McIntosh referred in song as, “Rob everything you can find, and even rob the blind”.

In today’s world of social media, a number of ladies folk with rainbow coloured faces would not allow men rest, they barge and barrage men’s social media platforms with assorted demands.
The demand from very pedestrian to high pedestal levels.

In their open central workshop policies they seek for either public and/ or private partnership and any refusal from men for whatever reason(s ) they tag as being stingy.

Yet are a few that truly deserve a heart full of milk of kindness, they deserve to be pitied without any strings attached and a number come as widows, helpless orphans and a number from poor parents.

Several others plead in toga of poverty, hopelessness and helplessness but in their youthful ages are later discovered to be lady 419s, feminine Yahoos and flukes masquerading as genuinely needing help.
Such female folks and those in phylum of peddling lies and deceits to survive have made many honest kind disposition men to later adopt what the Yorubas claim as , ” Oju anu ti fo ti ika loku”. This subscribes in meaning that ” the eye that once was an eye of charity has gone blind to wrest wickedness to all and sundry.”

Of course, amongst the menfolk too are scavengers, the “Alaru daale” those who spend fortune on ladies of easy virtues without any iota of responsibility to their home fronts, families and others truly needing their help even at minimal levels.

In politics such are those looting our commonwealth, looting and sponsoring trips both local and overseas, a number as sinning slapping senators and dishonourable personages late Obafemi Awolowo concluded as:
“Men in position of rulership and leadership mingling with men of shady characters and women of easy virtues “.

Their spending sprees and open hand dispositions rather than help build the society make the future of youths so bleak, but then, are choice men living in choice areas as the choice representatives of choosy ladies of today.

Should men remain stingy or be open minded for kindness, kindliness and charitable dispositions toward the needy, the downtrodden or simply be swayed into the Bermuda Triangle of those that lure with makeups, vulcanized boobs and bonbons?
Think about it.

Whatever be one’s take or inclination , not minding the fact we all are imperfect beings living in world of imperfections, let it be said loud and clear that we all need to continuously pray for God to lead us all when in temptations.

Lest I forget, let us also remember to pray for Donald Trump to drop his unrepenting penchant of ” Ego and egoism” so he can humbly join us in chorusing the song of Jimmy Cliff which till date remains evergreen and adaptable to the scourging Coro
navirus -19 pandemic.

Join us in singing:
“Too many people are suffering, too many people are dying.
Too little people got everything while too many people got nothing.
Remake the world with love and happiness”.

Think About It.
God bless our humanity.