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Tai Olaniyi: What makes a Man of God?


By Tai Olaniyi

The human mind will always be agitated, especially when it concerns a man in the web of the mystery of life and the search for his Creator.

The mystery of being is larger than life and only very few individuals pride themselves in trying to remove its veil of obscurity that veils them from the realization of the “Real.”

Little wonder our Lord Jesus Christ once submitted to his select few, the initiates of his teachings, that: “Unto you is given to know the secret of the Mystery of the Kingdom of God”.

To others, they will open their eyes but would not see and open their ears and would not hear.

There is no doubt the conviction that Jesus the Christ must be reckoned with – being the begotten Son of God, who through his realization and ultimate attainment of Christ Consciousness equally engendered  and showed the pathway to those who believe in him, as the way, the truth and the life to our Father, the Creator of every living being, everywhere.

Certain personages in almost all the world religions – from traditional, orthodox up to the most contemporary – had, have and still assume the appellation of ” Men of God”.
They are those we refer to as Priests, Prophets, Reverend, Bishops Pastors, General Overseers, Imams, and whatever nomenclatures they wish to be known or are referred to.

Because of their inclinations to serve God in whatever persuasions or faiths they belong, they,  like shepherds, equally assist in directing the spiritual, religious and mundane affairs of their folds and folks.

They are so revered in many quarters to such an extent they are hero-worshipped and many are perceived more or less as God incarnate.
They are respected and sanctified as deified entities and so holy personages whose thoughts, words, and actions are perceived guided, directed, and ordained only by God and God alone.

Their visions, predictions, and prophecies are regarded infallible as emanating from the domain of God which should neither be thought nor reasoned out by any dictates of conscience nor any kind of rationality.

Men of God from ages past till these days have, through their thoughts, words and deeds made, make, molded, molding, messed, and messing the adherents and lambs of their faiths, fancies, and religious persuasions.

Our Lord Jesus Christ had given authority to many of his followers to heal, rebuke, perform miracles in our Father’s name. So also he had castigated those who had turned and are turning “Houses of Worship” to “Den of Thieves” thus stealing in the name of God. So, what makes a man of God?

Son of Man daily gets tempted to assume in the conviction that no man needs be hero-worshipped as a “Man of God, ” but that any man doing the “WILL of the Father,” and personally realizes God on personal or most intimate perspective in thoughts, words and actions is a man of God.

We have several people who we refer to as men of God, promoters of religious ideals, crusaders, jihadists, and defenders of their religious doctrines yet are perpetrators of evil, greed, avarice, political brigandage, and promoters of vices worse than those acclaimed atheists and irreligious personalities.

Nigeria of today is a repository of many men of God who only remain mean in godliness.
By their fruits, we get confused about who to trust in daily affirmation of God and His ordained men in Vineyard of His Might and Mightiness.

We also have some individuals who are never seen in sacerdotal robes nor with winding turbans over their heads but yet are harbingers of Divine Light in the Love of God through HUMANITARIAN  works they render daily.
We equally have those with combined honors undertaking noble courses in the affairs of fellow man and service to the God of their Hearts.

“The Un-examined Life” Socrates warned us ” Is Not Worth Living”. So, when you look out for your ” Man of God” seriously and conscientiously plot yourself where and what you think you are.

Note too that Jesus the Christ once confirmed that ” The Kingdom of God is WITHIN”.
What do you think? Think about it.