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“We are in a state of confusion as a nation’, says Bishop Gajere



THE Bishop of Luthran Church of Christ Nigeria, Zethan Gajere, has spoken on need of living a godly life.

He made this statement in an interview with our reporter l, where he stressed that the reason why people are agitating for different nations is that some people are not being considered in the decision making policy of the country.

“Inclusiveness, I think the major thing we are facing in Nigeria, even the state, is lack of including others in our affairs. I think the government, local , state and federal have to run an inclusive government. We should not silece other people. We are all one s,o include everybody.

“In Nigeria, in our homes, in our Churches, people are segregated based on tribal sentiments, people are divided based on regional settings. Everyone is crying I want to go my way and this is because we lack God’s characters.

“So in terms of Godliness, it brings us to loving our neighbour as we love ourselves and stay together. Godliness is all about unity in family, unity in the church and unity in the nation.”

Reverend Zethan advocated that it is the sin that’s still ruling the heart of the people because of the worldliness.

He said: We are so entangled to worldly affairs so we tend to forget that God has called us to be people that will bring others to him and so everybody goes there to bring what goes into his pocket not minding that it is the responsibilities God has place on us.

“Where ever you find yourself you are working for God not for yourself. You are not working for your region, but God in other to make humanity a better people and better nation”.

He, however urged the government to make sure the lives of the people are protected.
“The role of the government is to protect life and property. This is the sole responsibility of government. Therefore they should do all that is needed in other to protect life and property in this nation .

Why are there cattle rustlers, why kidnapping? If we find answers to these questions, this will come to an end. We are calling on government to tackles issues on why these people are doing what they are doing.”