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What I won’t do for female fans – DJ Consequence


Fans know him as DJ Consequence but his parents named him Akeredolu Precious Pelumi. The Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Lagos talks about his craft and aspirations in this interview with OLABODE AKINMUSERE. Excerpts:

How did you come about the name, Consequence?

It was a unique name which I realized will fit my style of being a DJ; that is the consequence of people enjoying my music.

Why did you choose to become a DJ?

I have always had the passion. When I was little, I had a radio and I would always turn the volume up so that people could hear me play music and dance. When I was in secondary school, I was the Music Prefect and I used to play the drum set in the assembly every morning. I love music so I just nurtured the passion until it grew to this point and I give God the glory for bringing me this far.

Before you became a DJ, what other activities were you involved in back in school?

Playing music for me started from secondary school and like I said earlier, I was the Music Prefect in my senior year. Before then, I was playing basketball and I was in a junior team. In fact, I used to go to Dodan Warrior’s home ground in Ilupeju. I was a point guard but I loved being a disc jockey more than playing basketball so I opted to go pro with being a DJ instead of basketball.

Back then I was so good and probably if I had gone pro with basketball too, I would have been in the NBA by now and earning much more. My coaches acknowledged my talent and I even represented my school on many occasions in basketball competitions but being a DJ was my first love so I had to follow my dreams. I still play basketball once in a while though.

Did your parents object to your becoming a DJ?

No, they didn’t. They didn’t know initially but at the end of the day when they knew, they supported me with all they had. They even sponsored my DJ lessons and bought my first equipment.

You were with Aristokrat Records that has the likes of Burna Boy and co on its stable…

I was so happy when they invited me to be their official DJ. It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed it. It was a blessing working with the Aristokrat family but nothing lasts forever in life so when the need came for us to go our separate ways we had to. But I am still very cool with the house and they are like my brothers.

What led to the breakup?

It is something I won’t like to discuss on the pages of newspaper. Let’s just say it was the will of God and everybody had to move on.

How do you intend to reach the level of bigger DJs like Jimmy Jatt, Sose, Humility and Exclusive amongst others?

Most of them have been there before me so it’s left to me to work very hard. In fact, we hang out together a lot and I even used to DJ along with most of them in parties and clubs. Exclusive is my brother, Sose also is my big brother and as you know Jatt has always been there and most of us follow in his footsteps. So, they respect me and likewise I respect them though I look up to most of them.

You have a single featuring songbird, Niyola. How is its public acceptance so far?

It is called ‘Just the two of us’ and features Niyola and Bigmo. The acceptance is really great; I just released the video and it is getting good airplay. That is just my starting point and I know very soon, I will have bigger things out there for everybody to listen to.

How do you handle female fans?

I respect them a lot and I will never take advantage of them because as fans they are my backbone. If they ask for favours beyond my DJ work, I will politely decline. So, I will say the relationship with my female fans is cordial.

Do you have any projects coming up soon?

Yes, I have a lot of projects coming up but I have to keep mum and let it be a surprise so everybody should watch out because DJ Consequence is coming out with another hit banger.

Do you have a role model in the entertainment world?

Yes, the famous DJ Khaled and Calvin Harris are people I look up to and will like to work with in the nearest future.

How has the experience been as a resident DJ?

It’s been fun. I actually started as a DJ with some major night clubs like The Place, Vertigo Bar, Quilox and the rest. So, being a club’s resident DJ is hectic and fun; it is lot of sleepless nights but with quality turn-ups. I enjoy it because it is what I love doing.

As Resident DJ of Quilox Night Club, how is your relationship with club boss, Shina Peller?

Peller is a person who knows his onions when it comes to business and therefore being with Quilox is a wonderful experience. Peller is like my big brother and you can guess how the relationship of brothers is like. He is also one of the few people that motivate me; he is a wonderful guy to always be around and he is a blessing to the night club business.

How does your parents and girlfriend cope with the fact that you are always out in the dead of night?

They cope very fine, especially my parents. They don’t entertain any fear and they always pray for me. My girlfriend is always cool with it and sometimes she is with me in the DJ booth in clubs so my family always got my back on the night issue because they believe it’s my job and I have to always do it.